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Garage Beer Co

About Garage Beer Co

Garage Beer Co are an awesome brewery and bar in the heart of Barcelona. They brew a wide variety using some of the very best in modern brewing techniques and are pioneering the New England beer revolution in Spain.

Sick of working at a desk, founder's Welsh and Zamborlin met at the Poble Sec brewing academy of infamous Catalunya beer personality Steve Huxley — a wily Liverpudlian with a vagabond beard who came to Barcelona at the end of the 1970s and never looked back. With a mantra that ‘beer is the ultimate social lubricant’, Huxley is, in some measure, a prophet-figure to the duo. I They got swept away by the whole craft beer movement and while they've never grown their beards out for more than a week, they have revelled in hoppy brews that have been taken to the limits of drinkability, gone giddy over double-figure ABVs and spent twenty quid, on a pint of beer. (And it wasn’t even in Scandinavia.)

Beers from Garage Beer Co